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Teaching Philosophy

When asked to describe my philosophy of teaching I have to begin with these thoughts. I come to teaching as a singer first, having been lucky enough to sing with many of the finest conductors, stage directors and fellow singers. My career has been rich in many avenues of our profession, from the operatic stage, to solo concerts with orchestra, and the intimacy of the recital and chamber music. This experience allows me to share the opportunities open to students of classical singing. The love for music and singing has evolved into a rich passion for teaching. I was trained in the exact path that the young singer is striving for, making my teaching based on first hand awareness from the profession itself. For over thirty years, my singing has influenced my teaching and vice versa.


In teaching the individual, it is important to allow the unique aspects of their voice to develop naturally to their fullest potential. Highlighting the special qualities in each singer remains the goal, which then enhances their chances for success. The results have been excellent thus far, having had singers in almost every young artist program in the nation, as well as various programs internationally.


I teach all voice types, male and female, and enjoy every facet of the process. Studio acceptance is done by audition and is based on space available. Singers are encouraged to observe lessons and/or have a sample lesson prior to being accepted into the studio.


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